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Dear Brooke„

If you know nothing about our relationship stay the fuck out of it.
I ruined our relationship?
That’s funny because i’m pretty sure i was the one trying to keep us together for our daughter for the past two months.
We fought because YOU wouldn’t leave him the hell alone.
You txt him ALL day EVERYDAY and called him constantly.
DUH i got pissed, you don’t someone elses boyfriend and the father of their child and tell them you love them.
Why don’t you learn to respect others.
And try to be mature enough to understand that he has a child he needs to be worrying about. Not you. 
And you think i’m being a giant bitch to him over her.
But try understanding the whole story.
We were fine for months and all the sudden he doesn’t know what he wants? So to protect myself i tell him i don’t want him over here acting like we are together. And NO that’s really not being mean. I won’t fake a relationship especially when my daughter is here, i won’t do that to her.
And he got so mad that he posts her name on twitter. I have been keeping her name a secret for 8 months, from everyone. It is a VERY important thing to me. She is named after both of my great grandmothers and it is a very special name to me and my family.
Most of my family doesn’t even know the name yet.
He had to be immature and post it just to try and hurt me.
And his mother doing it also on facebook is beyond disrespectful. She is a grown woman and she needs to act like one. It’s not her chilfd, she is MY child.
She and you need to keep your nose and opinions out of it.
You don’t need to chime in when you think it’s needed.
She is MY baby. Not yours. Heath isn’t even your boyfriend.
I don’t care how ‘close’ you are. It’s none of your business. You don’t know me, my family, or our situation.
So the next time Heath goes bitching about me you just remember he isn’t the innocent guy you think he is.
wouldn’t be upset with him over nothing.  


Anonymous asked:

Sorry things aren't working out. In your last post you put "Heath Ruble and Brooke Harrison"? Who's the chick if you don't mind me asking?

His crazy annoying ass stalker ex from tennessee.
she would lovee for him to abandon his child and move back to tennessee.
he was home for less than a week and she was trying to get him to move back.
she txt/calls/facebooks him 24 hours a day.
she’s a big reason we broke up.
so as you can tell i just love them both so much right now

Country girl all the way: Love!

You want him back SOOO bad Brooke? GO FOR IT. Try to get him to move back all you want, he ha no family for him here.


So a year ago i met somebody very special in my heart, Heath Aaron Ruble. we met online and i never thought anything would come of it. He had just moved to Nashville from Indiana to go to school to be a audio engineer. we had maybe only talked a week and then i had a bad night and decided hell,…

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